Mild Steel Pipe Fittings

Mild Steel Pipe Fittings

Mild Steel Pipe Fittings


In the dynamic world of aerospace engineering, Meta Aerospace proudly stands at the forefront as a most useful Mild Steel Pipe Fittings manufacturer. With a legacy deeply rooted in precision engineering and an unwavering commitment to exceptional, Meta Aerospace’s Mild Steel fittings redefine connectivity, reliability, and fluid systems in programs.

What are Mild Steel Pipe Fittings?

Mild Steel Pipe Fittings, expertly crafted with the aid of Meta Aerospace, constitute a class of fittings engineered from a specialised metallic alloy designed to fulfill stringent standards in aerospace programs. These fittings play a vital position in connecting, redirecting, and controlling the flow of fluids within aerospace systems, providing a stability of strength, durability, and corrosion resistance

Mild Steel Pipe Fittings Applications.

Meta Aerospace’s Mild Steel Pipe Fittings showcase the emblem’s dedication to excellence in aerospace engineering. With their corrosion resistance, high energy, and precision engineering, these fittings stand as a testament to Meta Aerospace’s commitment to providing aerospace solutions that surpass enterprise requirements. Elevate your aerospace fluid structures with Meta Aerospace’s Mild Steel Pipe Fittings – in which precision meets endurance for enduring aerospace excellence.

Mild steel Socket Weld Fittings Standard Specifications

Size Range

Seamless Butt-Weld Fitting: From 1/2″ – 10″

Welded ButtWeld Fitting: From 1/2″ – 48″

DimensionASME/ ANSI B16.9 | ASME B16.28 | MSS-SP-43 | BS1560 | BS4504 | BS10
Bending RadiusRadius=1 D, 2D, 3 D, 5D, 6D, 8 D, 10D
Thickness of FittingSCH10, SCH 20, SCH30, STD SCH40, SCH80, SCH60, XS, SCH100, SCH 120, SCH140, SCH 160, XXS available with NACE MR 01-75
Size Ranges½” NB to 24″ NB in Schedule 10s, 40s, 80s, 160s, XXS.
Process of ManufacturingPush, Press, Cast, Forge.
TypesWelded | Seamless | Fabricated

Importance of Mild Steel Pipe Fittings?

The importance of Mild Steel Pipe Fittings in aerospace programs lies of their critical attributes:

  1. Corrosion Resistance: Mild Steel, as hired in those fittings, gives advanced corrosion resistance, ensuring sturdiness and reliability in aerospace fluid systems. This resistance is mainly critical in aerospace environments where exposure to corrosive elements is popular.
  1. High Strength: Mild Steel Pipe Fittings provide a sturdy answer for aerospace fluid structures, contributing to the general power and structural integrity of the structures. This excessive-energy attribute is crucial for the disturbing conditions and dynamic forces experienced in aerospace applications.
  1. Precision Engineering: Meta Aerospace’s Mild Steel Pipe Fittings exemplify precision engineering, making sure unique connectivity and leak-unfastened overall performance. This precision is essential for the green and dependable operation of fluid structures in aerospace systems.

Mild Steel Pipe Fittings Composition Chart

ChemicalsContent (%)
Manganese, Mn2
Iron, FeBalance
Silicon, Si1
Chromium, Cr18-20
Carbon, C0.03
Nickel, Ni11-15
Sulfur, S0.03
Molybdenum, Mo3-4
Phosphorous, P0.045

Dimension of Black Mild Steel Tee

NPS (millimeter)A (millimeter)D (millimeter)

MS Concentric Reducer Mechanical Behaviour

Poisson’s ratio0.27-0.300.27-0.30
Tensile strength595 MPa86300 psi
Elongation at break (in 50 mm)55%55%
Yield strength260 MPa37700 psi
Modulus of elasticity200 GPa29000 ksi
Hardness, Rockwell B8585

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