Incoloy X-750

Incoloy X-750

Incoloy X-750

Meta Aerospace, a leading call within the aerospace enterprise, specializes in the production and supply of exquisite substances vital for aviation and area exploration. One of their standout products is the Incoloy X-750, a material renowned for its great homes and extensive-ranging packages.

What is Incoloy X-750?

Incoloy X-750 is a nickel-chromium alloy with awesome warmness and corrosion resistance houses. Comprising nickel, chromium, and small amounts of titanium and aluminum, this alloy well-known shows top notch electricity at excessive temperatures, making it a great desire for various aerospace programs. The alloy is thought for its potential to withstand intense environments, along with excessive temperatures and aggressive chemical situations.

As a dependent on Incoloy X-750 producer, stockist, and provider, it plays a pivotal position in offering the aerospace industry with a material that sets the usual for excessive-temperature alloys. The use of Incoloy X-750 guarantees the reliability, sturdiness, and performance of crucial aerospace additives, contributing to the development and achievement of aerospace missions.

Applications of Incoloy X-750

Specification of Inconel X750

  • UNS Number: N07750
  • W.Nr.Number: 2.4669
  • Other Trade Names: Inconel X750, Nickel X750, Haynes X750, Alloy X750, Pyromet X750, NickelvacX750, Nicorros® 7016

Properties of Inconel Alloy X750

  • Density: 8.276 g/cm³

  • Melting point range: 1393-1427 Deg C

  • Poisson’s ratio: 0.3

  • Electrical resistivity: 1.22 x 10-6 Ω⋅m

  • Corrosion resistance: 15.05-18.8 , PREN = %Cr + 1.5(%Mo + %W + %Nb)

Importance of Incoloy X-750

High Temperature Stability: Incoloy X-750 is identified for its excellent stability at expanded temperatures, making it an essential element in aerospace components that perform in extreme heat situations. This alloy can maintain its strength and integrity even in environments attaining as much as 1300°F (704°C).

Corrosion Resistance: The corrosion resistance of Incoloy X-750 is a critical factor in its utility in aerospace engineering. This alloy is highly resistant against oxidation and corrosion, ensuring the toughness and reliability of components in harsh environments.

Fatigue and Stress Resistance: Incoloy X-750 famous super resistance to fatigue and stress, making it a favored material for essential additives which include springs, bolts, and different fasteners in aerospace equipment. Its potential to face up to cyclic loading and stress variations is critical for the safety and sturdiness of aerospace structures

Types of Incoloy X-750

  • Incoloy X-750 Sheets and Plates
  • Incoloy X-750 Round Bars
  • Incoloy X-750 Pipes and Tubes
  • Incoloy X-750 Welding Wire
  • Incoloy X-750 Fasteners
  • Incoloy X-750 Forgings
  • Incoloy X-750 Coils
  • Incoloy X-750 Custom Components

Incoloy X-750 Test Certificates

We provide Manufacturer TC (Test Certificate) in accordance with EN 10204/3.1B, Raw Materials Certificate, 100% Radiography Test Report, Third Party Inspection Report. We also provide Standard certificates like EN 10204 3.1 and additional requirements like. NACE MR 01075. FERRIT CONTENT as per norms if requested by clients.

  • EN 10204/3.1B,
  • Raw Materials Certificate
  • 100% Radiography Test Report
  • Third Party Inspection Report, etc

If you have any inquiries or require similar about Meta Aerospace’s Incoloy X-750 products, rest assured that our committed team is ready to provide the assistance you want. As a reputable Incoloy X-750 manufacturer, stockist, and company, purchaser pride is our top priority, making sure that you get hold of amazing aid and statistics.

Our commitment to excellence extends to our customer service, in which we aim to supply well timed and complete help. Whether you are looking for technical specifications, pricing info, or preferred records about our Incoloy X-750 products, our crew is prepared to address your queries with expertise.

We apprehend the significance of clear conversation and reliable support. Our consumer-centric approach reflects our determination to ensure that you have the excellent viable level even as dealing with our Incoloy X-750 materials. We feed your interest and count on serving you with the very best standards of provider and product.

Feel free to reach out to us for any questions or help concerning Incoloy X-750. Meta Aerospace is dedicated to presenting you with the records and assistance you want for a hit and enjoyable experience with our Incoloy X-750 merchandise

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